About Chatterfall

Chatterfall is a semi-anonymous, real-time, location based messaging system.

You don't need an account

You can post as any name by changing your display name, or view chatterfall without an account.

Location Based

Chatterfall shows you posts in a given area.

Live Filtering

Set the 'show me' filters to see the posts you want to see, in real time.

Real Time

chatterfall shows posts in real-time, like a chatroom. Use the "show me" filters to see what you want to see, in real time

Direct Messages

You can send users a direct message on their profile page, just click their name in the feed to view a profile. You need an account to DM.

What is it for?

Having fun, meeting people in your area, live-feeds for events, finding someone for your sunday flag-football game, telling the neighbor to stop leaving dog crap on your lawn, and more..